We haven't just create the site. We have created the whole world called "METROPOLIS" – vivid and boundless, where the concepts of shopping and entertainment are totally connected

It was indicated in the brief that the site should be a game. Each section have to be filled with details and functions. The idea with cat has appeared by itself. The nickname "Metrofan" was invented by the creatives from TBWA Moscow because this project we got from them.

The work on this project took a total of ten months. The illustrator was invited from Cheliabinsk. He had been working in our office every day more than two months . Altogether seven people took part in this project.

We have "overdone" and invented plenty of different features and functions for this site. The section "For fashionable" has a micro quest with a key, in the "Holiday" section you can play bowling, young customers will be able to throw the ball into the Metrofans goal area in the "For children" section and you can make a photo with Metrofan, using your webcam in the "For household" section.